Thank you for your friendly staff, for their care, attentiveness, politeness! During the stay, we found an attention like in no other hospital! Our happy family going home healthy and complete, due to the speed and efficiency of decision making during labor! To all the staff who was on 01/07/16 – 09/07/16 great gratitude from Uvarov`s family!


I am, Kurilova Victoria, want to thank to all the staff of Department of joint stay of mother and child for friendliness, humanity and absolutely return.

Kurylova V.O.

I express my gratitude to all employees of Department of joint stay of mother and child, which worked on 31.10.15 – 03.11.15. The entire staff is very pleasant, attentive and professional. Thank you all for a good attitude and support !!!

Nemirov K.A.

We would like to gratitude to the staff of Zhytomyr Perinatal Center that has helped one couple to become not only the happiest, but batkamy richest in the world. Choosing this hospital we now know that is not right.

Victoria and Mykola Dubitsky

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