Department of pregnancy and extragenital pathology (with beds for miscarriage)



Zaika Larysa Volodymyrivna

Head of department
Obstetrician-gynecologist the highest qualification
Experience 32 years
Trained in courses WHO evidence-based medicine.


Pathologic Pregnancy and Extragenital Pathology Department was established to provide medical care to pregnant women with complications during pregnancy and extragenital pathologies.  The department of pathology of pregnancy with a capacity of 60 beds is marked by the comfortable conditions created for pregnant women.

Obstetricians-gynaecologists provide professional medical care at the department 24 hours a day.  In case of necessity pregnant women are examined by other specialists who are on the department staff list:  endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, cardiologist.



The department is equipped with modern medical apparatus for complete clinical and laboratory examinations of pregnant women.  There is a functional diagnostics room where echocardioscopy, ECG, cardiotocography are conducted. 


Up-to-date equipment is used for examination of the prenatal state of the fetus with detection of its biophysical profile, cardiotocography, Doppler velocimetry in keeping with protocols of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and in-hospital protocols (fetal monitors:  Sonicaid team care, Nicolet VersaLab, APM2, Assist; state-of-the-art expert class ultrasonic scanner with ultrasonic system Esaote MyLab Twice with transducers and special program Fetal Weight Index is used for screening fetus and its prenatal state which is significant for determination of pregnancy administration tactics and important for delivery at term).

The said expert class apparatus with ultrasonic system Esaote MyLab Twice is equipped with multi-frequency convex transducer applying matrix plate technology provides better possibilities for early detection of congenital abnormalities (in the 1st trimester of pregnancy) including heart diseases.


Department developed and introduced program:  “Psychoprophylaxis of future parents before delivery”.
We offer individual counselling for married couples, apply haptonomy method (parents contact with their unborn child).

Daily lectures and breast-feeding classes including watching relative videos.

Pregnant women can use Skype for audio and video-communication with relatives in Ukraine and abroad for psychological unloading.