Department of post intensive care and nursing infants



Smolyar Maya Myronivna

Head of the Department
Neonatal Physician of the highest category
Work experience 25 years


The department operates for 30 beds.




The main areas of work:

  1. providing optimal conditions for healthy newborns and family education;madzigon
  2. provision of specialized care for newborns with perinatal pathology;
  3. safe treatment and examination of healthy newborns and newborns with various pathologies;
  4. provision of qualified advice: an ophthalmologist, orthopedist, neurologist and, if necessary, consultation of a geneticist and related specialists.img_9295_1
  5. participation in perinatal consultations;
  6. psychological support for mothers and families in conditions of early adaptation, successful start of breastfeeding, caring for newborns in the maternity hospital;
  7. care for newborns and premature babies with extremely low and low birth weight;
  8. vaccination of newborn children according to the vaccination schedule.



Rooming-in, “kangaroo method”, early breastfeeding and breast-feeding, program “Development-based Care” are extensively used. 


  • rooming-in of a mother and a newborn in individual wards;
  • active participation of the family in the care of the newborn;
  • providing a “heat circuit” for children;
  • using the “kangaroo method” for children with low body weight.



Monitoring equipment is functioning, also multifunctional monitors, device for early detection of hearing loss in children, apparatus for determining transcutaneous bilirubin.


The department uses advanced techniques for the treatment of neonatal jaundice, using modern phototherapy lamps, there is a possibility of ventilation therapy using CPAP devices. The departments are provided with a sufficient number of infusion pumps for infusion therapy.


For nursing premature newborns, there is the necessary number of infant incubators, beds – “nests”, where the optimal nursing mode is created.