Neonatal intensive care unit



Laponoh Serhiy Petrovych

Head of department
Children anesthesiologist highest qualification
Experience 18 years
Passed training in 2013 in the USA



Branches opened in February 2006. Base equipment division consists of nine jobs that are equipped with ventilator for newborns Bear cub 750psv with streaming trihernymy systems reanimation sets IW930, IW950.



Each set includes a pulse oximeter, monitor vital signs, silent aspirator, Two-channel infusion pumps, phototherapy lamps, electronic scales, a system of oxygen therapy, CPAP, resuscitation kits.


Intensive care unit cooperates closely with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation “Cradles of Hope”.


The main direction of the neonatal intensive care – medical assistance extreme premature babies with low birth weight and newborn with a variety of diseases. The department has to conduct all types of ventilation therapy: traditional, non-invasive, high-frequency.


The department is the possibility of monitoring the functional activity of the brain (amplitude-integrated electroencephalography). Widely implemented method of nursing infants by applying the method of “Kangaroo”.

Intensive care unit is able to provide medical care to children born with severe asphyxia at birth, by applying the method cranio-cerebral hypothermia.