Maternity department with individual and family birthing and operating rooms



Marina Yuriyivna Tyschenko

Head of department
Obstetrician-gynecologist highest category
Experience 27 years
Passed training courses WHO Evidence Based Medicine


The doctors of the first and higher category with all necessary skills for emergency care of mother and child work at the department.

All rooms in the maternity department are individual and equipped with necessary modern facilities in order to provide top quality care of mother and child.


The temperature is maintained at the level of no lower than 25 ° C, which is optimal for the newborn.

A friend, who is chosen by the woman, may be present and assist in childbirth. Up to 80% of births in our center go on with the partner presence.

To reduce pain on the first stage of labour a fitness ball and ribstails are used for reducing spine loading during birth pangs.

There is a delivery room equipped with a Jacuzzi which helps women in childbirth to relax and  relieve pain.


Maternity cardio rooms are equipped with cardio monitors to watch dynamically the intrauterine fetus. Also thanks to Mr. Pinchuk Foundation there is also a fetal cardio monitor which is used not only to monitor the fetus during childbirth, but also to record the fetus heartbeat disturbance so that to decide on the method of delivery in good time, which reduces the newborn sickness rate and the cases of perinatal mortality.


Each delivery room is equipped with a full set-up to provide emergency care to the newborn  (neonatal resuscitation table with a radiant heat lamp, the sensor of the  body surface temperature and oxygen supply, infant suction and resuscitation kits for both full-term and preterm newborn babies).


To eliminate the second stage of labour or for emergency delivery in the second period, a vacuum extractor with silicone cups for a full-term and premature fetus is applied.

The majority of births is upright, with the special chair. However, in case the woman feels uncomfortable, there is the bed in the delivery room which can be transformed so that the woman is at full ease.

After the birth the baby is on the mother’s breast in the delivery room for two hours, which enhance the maintenance of the “thermal circuit”, colonizing of the child’s body with the family flora and an early breastfeeding start.


The department conducts planned and urgent cesarean section operations using modern hypoallergenic dissolving sutures. The operating room is equipped with the modern operating table, an array of surgical instruments and camera to maintain sterility through ultraviolet radiation.

During the cesarean operation, a newborn baby is laid on the chest to his father or another family member. In case of the cesarean operation with spinal anesthesia application, there is a possibility of contact between the baby and the mother by holding it on mother’s breast during the operation. The women with uterine scar after cesarean section surgery are given the opportunity to give birth through the natural birth canal. In each case the plan of delivery is worked out by the consultation of physicians.