Department of joint stay of mother and child


Eismont Oksana Vasylivna 

Head of department of joint stay of mother and child.

Obstetrician-gynecologist of the1st qualification category.

Experience 15 years.

The department of joint stay of mother and child is designed for 35 beds, conditions have been created for high-quality medical care, effective treatment, comfortable stay for mother and child. All wards are individual, provide for the joint stay of a woman in labor and a newborn from the first days of life.






The department also has family-type wards, where there are conditions for a partner to stay, who can help a woman in labor around the clock, take an active part in the care of the baby and the mother after childbirth.

The main principle of the department’s work is a friendly attitude towards mother and child, provision of qualified inpatient diagnostic and treatment assistance to women in labor, according to clinical protocols and orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on modern perinatal technologies.

All staff regularly undergo trainings to support and educate women in childbirth in breastfeeding newborns, according to the 12 principles of breastfeeding.

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All women are under round-the-clock supervision of medical staff, and have the opportunity to receive advice from qualified specialists on: postpartum contraception, breastfeeding difficulties, psychotherapist. If necessary, there is the possibility of remote consultation with other specialists.

The department actively studies and implements modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of postpartum complications, work experience of the best medical and preventive institutions in modern technologies of medical care, according to the principles of evidence-based medicine.

All staff strictly adhere to the rules of ethics and deontology.

Discharge of women in labor with babies, in the absence of complications, performed 2-3 days after childbirth, on the 4-5th day after the operation, the caesarean section.

Our goal is a healthy mother, a healthy child. That is why all women receive not only highly professional medical care, but also maximum comfort and support after childbirth.

We help women stay healthy, happy, beautiful, preserve and enhance women’s health!