Doctors and staff

Vaysberh Yuri Ruvymovych

Chief Doctor,

Honored Doctor of Ukraine

Hurina Tamara Opanasivna

A deputy chief head doctor of nursing, merited Health Care worker

Astreyko Olena Volodymyrivna

A deputy chief doctor of the medical office, Honored doctor of Ukraine

Astashkina Lyudmyla Petrivna

A deputy chief physician of outpatient treatment

Melnyk Olha Petrivna

A deputy chief doctor in economic matters

Zabolotnov Vitaliy Oleksandrovych

MD, Professor, Head of Nursing

Radkevych Natalia Yakivna

The chief of the department of anesthesiology and intensive therapy with methods efferent therapy

Smolyar Maya Myronivna

The head of the department of post intensive care and nursing infants

Zayika Larysa Volodymyrivna

The chief of the department of pathology of pregnancy and extragenital (with beds for premature)

Tyshchenko Marina Yuriyivna

The chief of the maternity department with individual and family delivery and operating rooms

Aleksiychuk Natalia Myhaylivna

The head of consultative-diagnostic unit

Dzhigora Alla Bronislavivna

The head of the laboratory unit

Laponoh Serhiy Petrovych

The head of the neonatal intensive care unit, CMS

Eismont Oksana Vasylivna

The head of department of joint stay of mother and child