About the center

Regional Municipal Institution Zhytomyr Regional Perinatal Center is a specialized medical and preventative institution of the 3rd level that provides obstetrician and neonatal aid to women with pathology of reproductive health, pregnant women with normal and complicated flow of pregnancy and newborns of Zhytomyr city and Zhytomyr region.

The center was incorporated in frameworks of national project “New Life”


Chief Doctor of Zhytomyr Regional Perinatal Center – Vaisberg Iurii Ruvimovych, a distinguished doctor of Ukraine, recipient of order «For Merits» of the 3rd degree.

Zhytomyr Regional Perinatal Center embraces intellectual and technical potential of the region.
84 doctors and 158 paramedical workers are ready to give a help. Sixty percent of all doctors have the first and the highest qualification category.

Starting from November 2004, the Center implements international project “The Health of Mother and Child”, aiming to improve the health mothers and children. The project that the personnel has been working on is sponsored by USAID.

Zhytomyr Regional Perinatal Center is one of the first institutions of Ukraine which implements modern perinatal technologies based on the principles of evidentiary medicine in accordance to recommendations of the World Health Organization, namely:


  • Creation of modern conditions for accommodation of pregnant women and mothers in the obstetric hospital;
  • Exclusion of routine manipulations and procedures, which dishonor women’s dignity;
  • Compliance with the thermal conditions in hospital premises to prevent hypothermia of the newborn children;
  • Support for women during pregnancy and birth by family members;
  • Involvement of women and members of their families in making decisions about pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Free access of family members to mothers and newborns;
  • Management of labor naturally in private maternity rooms (chambers) with a minimum of medication and surgery;
  • Joint stay of mother and child from the first minutes after birth;
  • Breastfeeding only;
  • Group and individual forms of counseling pregnant women and their families on the main aspects of antenatal training, behavior during delivery, formation of responsible attitude to future motherhood and fatherhood;
  • “Clean hands” policy;
  • Implementation of infection control.

By the decision of Ukraine’s Health Protection Ministry meeting held in August 2005, Zhytomyr Regional Perinatal Center recognized as a basic institution for introduction modern perinatal technologies in Ukraine.

In May 2005 аor leadership in the development of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, constant orientation of human interests and promotion of the improvement of society the institution received the award “Highest Standard of Ukraine” of National Image Program of the “Leaders of the XXI century”.

In 2005, the Center received the status of “Baby Friendly Hospital.”

In 2008 the Centre was awarded the title “The establishment of high-quality health care” and confirmed the status of «Baby Friendly Hospital.”

In 2008, due to “the Victor Pinchuk Foundation – Social Initiative” the institution opened a school of nursing center “Cradle of Hope”, which helped to improve the provision of care to newborns.

Number of deliveries at the time of center’s activity increased twice (in comparison to 2004).


During the same period, the number of normal births has increased six-fold, incidence of newborn decreased triple, infant mortality – almost decreased almost in 2 times.