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The regional public institution Zhytomyr Regional Perinatal Center is a specialized health care setting of the third level of providing obstetric and neonatal care for women with reproductive health, pregnant women with normal and abnormal pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal residents of the city of Zhytomyr and Zhytomyr region.

The center is established within the framework of the national project “New life”.

The doctor-in-chief of Zhytomyr regional perinatal center is Yuri Ruvymovych Weisberg,

Honored Doctor of Ukraine, the bearer of the Order “For Merit” III degree.

Zhytomyr regional perinatal center the intellectual and material and technical potential of the region is gathered.

Medical service is provided by 84 doctors and 158 nurses. 60% of physicians are of the first and highest qualification category.

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We would like to gratitude to the staff of Zhytomyr Perinatal Center that has helped one couple to become not only the happiest, but batkamy richest in the world. Choosing this hospital we now know that is not right.

Victoria and Mykola Dubitsky

I express my gratitude to all employees of Department of joint stay of mother and child, which worked on 31.10.15 – 03.11.15. The entire staff is very pleasant, attentive and professional. Thank you all for a good attitude and support !!!

Nemirov K.A.